Low Commotion

by Rosah

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released January 1, 2016



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Track Name: Free Tilly
How would you tell your parents
That your girlfriend’s black
That she don’t got a job
But your girlfriend raps
And she’s from another country
That she might go back
But she got big dreams, that your girlfriend’s me
Imagine trying to tell ‘em that she wanna free Tilly
When she get her milli she gon’ grow it to a trilly
She five-foot-silly and her waist real skinny
But her brain’s got back
She a student for a living, a designer for the kill of it
Chill a bit!
From the land of make believe
But she ruler spit
Only says the things she means
Straight shooter chick
She will stand by her word
She is fruit from a seed
She is proof that she grew of it
How would you tell em that your girlfriend’s free
That she don’t eat meat
That her wardrobe’s lean
That she still believes in wedding nights
And God-blessed things
I guess you wouldn’t
Coz if you did you’d have to talk about trust
You’d have to tell ‘em how you broke said trust
I guess you wouldn’t coz you talk about us like…
Love is the best mistake you ever made in a rush...
Track Name: Thank You

Did you know that I needed to fly?
Is that why you pushed me over the edge,
To see if I’d fly?
Did you know that I needed to find my way on my on
That I needed to know that I had this strength inside
Did you know I’m alive
Did you know that I knew that you knew that I knew I would find you eventually
Did you know that I’d learn my own strength and be crazy in love?


Thank you,
Thank you so much coz I’m seeing myself for the very first time
And thank you
for holding the mirror up high enough
So I can see how fly I am


Did you know I was crazy
Did you know I’m a genius
I didn’t know but I found this
When you left I was broken
And out spilt this poem, poetry, take that
Thank you for showing me I can take care of myself
Coz I thought if you left me I’die, nah!
I’m alright now
I’m better than I’ve ever been
Flying higher than I’ve ever flown
Better than I’ve ever been
Going further than I’ve ever run
Not saying I don’t need no one
Just simply saying, if it weren’t for you
I wouldn’t see me the way that I see me right now


Thank you
For showing me I can do anything
If I just set my mind to it
Thank you
For leaving and not saying bye
Coz now I know tears don’t solve anything


I think that I owe you some type of thanks
Some vote of appreciation
Salute the man
Watch the eyes go
I feel like I owe you some type of thanks
Coz I didn’t know that you knew me
That’s why you did how you did me
Now that I know, how’d you know?
How you knew me?

Used to kill me
Thinking thaat you thinking bout thinking bout me
Used to kill me
Now i’m much better than I’ve ever been
Now I don’t miss you no more like that
On some realness, I still pray
YAH knows my heart, yes I still pray
Walking in the light, doing thins straight in the day
Track Name: Shine Eyes
The Papoose to Ma Remy
Met you in my Matrix, my exes hate this
Baby you the red pill
Maybe you the blue pill
Missed this
Used to celebrate ‘em
Don’t miss ‘em like Christmas
I am on my new new business
I am on that who’s who business
I am on that who knew wish list
I am catching next level feelings
I am
Bright light wick-ness
I am friending boss lady womens
I am on that can’t get up when I see you
No hard feelings
Exclusive subscription, he the only one that get me
So many fish in the sea but he the only shark tryna net me
net me, thumb love

Mr. Weather Man with his whether cam couldn’t predict us
Feeling buzzed but I don’t drink Goose or Henney
So tell me
How d’you get the keys to my Hemi?
How d’you find the trigger to my semi?
Bang! Bang! Shot ‘em down, born ready
My butterflies war ready, on the ready
Never let curiosity be the dead of me, born ready
Butterflies vested, war ready
Butterfly Tingz so heavy
Papoose to Ma Remy
You’re the trigger to my semi, heavy hitter
You’re the vroom vroom to my hemi
Got me feeling like a she-ro
When they ask “Who ya gyal?” he like “She…Ro”
Perfect clapback to the frenemies
Chat back, snap chat
Chat, snap
Snapback, it’s fitted
I am on my 'too soon' business
I am on that 'Fred Stone' flintness
Yaba! Who’d a known she’s the business
I am catching next flight feelings
I am on that eyesight witness
I am flying home with my winnings
I don’t know a “no”, it’s all “go” til I’m finished

Tell ‘em other boys, Stevie Wonder
If they wonder, Bocelli, Andrea
I’m blind to their Summer
Tell ‘em other boys, Stevie Wonder
If they wonder, Bocelli, Andrea
I’m blind to their Summer
It’s cold in this kitchen
So we spit fire like thunder
This new love bring heat like
That armor that’s under
Tell ‘em other boys, Stevie Wonder
If they wonder
I’m blind to their Summer

Papoose to Ma Remy
I will love you through the bars
Got bars
I will love you through the bars
I wlll love you through to Mars
If you let me
I will love you through the bars
Got bars
I will love you through to Mars
if you get me
Got bars, no Beaus, got Bae, you Jay
If I do say, you get me?
Tell ‘em other boys it’s too late when they semme
Chavah to his Adamah
Zipphorah to his Moshe
Fine dining, he is rose, ok!
They do not want this mistress
Deep in the Scriptures, with a quickness
Tell ‘em other boys it’s too late when they semme
Act like they never knew me
You the Olu to my Femi