To The Hungry Soul

by Rosah

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released February 29, 2016



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Track Name: I Wait
I wait for you,
More than the morning,
Waits for the sun.

Tell that you love me,
Tell me that I'll be ok,
Tell me it ain't over yet,
Tell me there's a place for me.

Tell me there's a way in,
Tell me I'm forgiven
Tell me there's a way home

If I had to tell 'em where you found me/
Took me out that dirt how you crowned me/
When no one else was interested/
How your love and trust invested/
Life! And the broken pieces/
How you fixed a broken thesis/
Tchu! How you found me/
Loved me how you found me/
You were not afraid of my mess, you astound me/
Surround me/
I'ma say it twice, you astound me/
Fly as a bird in the sky when you give me your word
That you love me for life/
How you give up your life/
Just to give me new life/
Like a pair of new nikes/
Then you put me on stage and you gave me a mic/
Like nukes, straight war for him/
SWAT team down doors for him/
Till dusk is dawn I'm in/
On your marks get set to win/
No turning back I'm in...
Track Name: Trouble Maker
Me I'm just a trouble maker
Me I'm just a trouble maker
I thought they told you
Me I'm just a trouble maker

Me and life...
I know where I'm headed/
Straight to the top/
Yes I lay where I bedded/
Wish I could regret it/
But remember when I said it,
That I ate glass for breakfast?/
Well these diamonds is killing me softly/
Shooting butter bullets I'm toast
They got me/
Feeling like I'm every woman but not me/
God knows, I don't wanna be just another copy/
And love has been rocky
Waiting in the ring
Waiting for the ring
Saved by the bell, ring
Still in the ring
Waiting on Rocky lowkey
Working hard not to be pea-cocky//

I'm just a trouble maker
Told you,me I'm just a trouble maker
Everywhere I go
Me I'm just a trouble maker
Just a trouble maker
Just a trouble maker
I don't like no recipes,
I don't like follow no laid out plans
I'm a trouble maker
Told you...

I put one hand up,
The other hand up,
I put head down.
When I get lonely
I pick up my phone
I'm dialing all your numbers
Dialing all your numbers

Maybe you gon' answer this time, love, this time...
Track Name: The Desert Bloom
You've been running away for a long time now,
I know you sold yourself but I'll buy you back somehow.

And all your mistakes I will erase,
And all of the places I will wash them all away.
And all your mistakes I will erase,
And all of the faces I'll wash away.

How can I give you up?
How can I hand you over,
When I love you?

I'll buy you back, I'll bring you from that far off land.
Track Name: No Lies
Daddy don't tell no lies
My daddy don't tell no lies
Daddy don't tell no lies
He told me, if they hating don't give them no reply

Daddy don't tell no lies
My daddy don't tell no lies
Daddy don't tell no lies
He said, one day you're going to have to apologize


Look through the windows,
I promise they're not barred.
Let me show you to my trophies,
I promise they're not scars.
These are tattoos of the brave.
Feels like I get a brand new one,
With every risk that I take.

I just got back from a backpack thing,
Hence the unpacked things.
The traveling on gravel thing's nothing short of exciting,
But I confess, one does miss the fly thing,
That aisle seat, middle of the row or looking over the flight wing.
I digress.

Don't excuse the mess.
I get home and I undress,
Every lie I suit and tie,
Every pretense I squeeze into a mean dress
Tighter than a sweet caress.
But there's no love in the arms of an enemy.
Look what became of me,
New tattoos I guess,
Comes with the territory.

I overheard a snake tell a lion,
I wan't one to rely on.
Guess Simba's still gullible,
Because I became his new chew toy to bite on.
And since my heart is still in tatters,
I'm some people's favorite paper to write on.
I really shouldn't listen, but the cat and his python,
Were right on.

A lot has come down and gone on.
I've been dying to try on,
Try on trying on, try hope for size on.
Like I said - it's a mess.
And some of the things I can't clean I cry on,
Some things I can't fix so I cry on.
So much baggage can't carry on,
Sometimes it feels like I've exceeded my carry-on,
Yeh, well let me carry on.
What didn't kill me left me skeptical,
Quick to call, slicked to fall,
Bloodied and muddied but most of all, left me...

New tattoos
Windows unbarred
Old brand new, I promise I'm not scarred.


These ain't scars,
These tattoos.
This your proof,
I've been through what I've been through.

I walk my talk,
My talk get walked on sometimes.